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Sister Cities Jazz in KC: Hannover Jazz Orchestra under the direction of Lothar Krist

The October 17th through 24th visit of the Hannover Jazz Orchestra to Kansas City, part of a Sister City jazz exchange program between the cities of Hannover, Germany, and Kansas City, Missouri, USA involved many of us as roving musical party hosts. What a time we had.

Dr. Traute Kohler did her part, and kept her cool through event and dinner, after event and dinner. Traute’s daughters helped to make it all look so easy.

The Kansas City Jazz Orchestra duked it out on stage with the Hannover Jazz Orchestra at The Midwest Trust Center. UMKC, KC Bier Co, The American Jazz Museum, Knuckleheads Saloon, and so many more opened their arms, places of business, and homes Kansas City style to this wonderful jazz orchestra.

Kansas City is well known for its jazz scene,” said Dr. Kohler, “and hosting a jazz orchestra of this caliber only adds to our incredible jazz legacy.”

When the Kansas City Jazz Orchestra traveled to Hannover in 2018, Kansas City folks that traveled with the KCJO, raved about Hannover Jazz Orchestra’s performance of Duke Ellington’s Sacred Music. The HJO did not let listeners down at Village Pres. The 2 concerts, with 2 combined choirs, and special guests in the acoustically perfect Village Presbyterian Church at 6641 Mission Road, was definitely-worth all that was went through, to make this monumental trip possible.

There are too many people to thank, to do it here, but consider this, it takes a village, and if you have even one memorable moment that sticks out for you about this trip, consider offering support for the next round of the Hannover-KC Sister City artistic exchange.

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