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Saxophone Supreme Goes Worldwide

Bird lives at Saxophone Supreme: The Life and Music of Charlie Parker.

Just in time for the Bird’s 101st birthday celebration, the critically acclaimed Charlie Parker retrospective Saxophone Supreme is moving from the American Jazz Museum to the world at large. If you missed the exhibit at 18th and Vine last year, you are now able to view this important work online at:

“Now that it is available online, it is available to everyone internationally,” said Chuck Haddix of UMKC.

Created by Chuck Haddix, author and Curator of the Marr Sound Archives at UMKC and Geri Sanders, Director of Collections at the American Jazz Museum, Saxophone Supreme was unveiled in the museum’s changing gallery last August, in honor of Charlie Parker’s 100th birthday celebration.

"I'm really delighted that Saxophone Supreme is available online,” said Chuck Haddix, “The exhibit does a wonderful job of celebrating the life and music of Charlie Parker, a musician and composer who changed the course of music.”

As the pandemic swept across the country, various restrictions and precautions were put in place. As a result, the physical exhibit at the American Jazz Museum and later at the Nichols Library did not get as many visitors as it deserved. Now, it is available anytime, anywhere, online.

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