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Hamburger Mary Lou Williams Night

Hamburger Mary’s raises $1,200 for Musicians Assistance Fund

On June 15, the popular eatery at 37th and Broadway became Hamburger Mary Lou Williams for the night, as the Jazz Ambassadors and Hamburger Mary’s raised more than $1,200 for the KCJA Musician’s Assistance Fund.

“Our BINGO hostess gave it her all,” praised KCJA vice-president Dan Sturdevant. “Everyone had a great time and we raised money for musicians in need.”

Guests at Hamburger Mary Lou Williams night played ten rounds of bingo to benefit the Assistance Fund. All proceeds go to that fund, administered by the KC Jazz Ambassadors board. KCJA representatives at the event pictured above included (l to r) board members Dan Sturdevant, Linda McShann, the evening’s BINGO hostess, Lynn Abrams, and Mark Edelman.

“We gave out $16,000 to local jazz musicians during the COVID crisis, when the clubs were all shut down,” continued KCJA president Mark Edelman. “This event, along with contributions and memberships, helps us replenish that fund for everyone’s benefit. We hope to do one every year.”

The KCJA Musicians Assistance Fund supports local jazz musicians in need. Grants have included funds to help pay for stolen equipment, rent, transportation and medical needs.

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