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Three Questions For Pat Metheny

Muriel Kauffman Theatre

Pat Metheny: Side-Eye

Thursday, June 15th, 7:30pm

Photo by Larry Kopitnik

1. How does it feel to return home and present a show in this exquisite Moshe Safdie designed concert Hall?

I couldn’t be more excited. Kansas City will always be home for me even though I rarely get the chance to play there. I am thrilled to be invited to perform in this amazing venue.

2. There has been a lot written about your time in Kansas City, and your beginning as a musician here. Does returning hold any special meaning for you?

It really does. It is very special to play there again after all these years. I was born a few blocks up from there at St. Luke’s Hospital. I played lots of gigs right there in the downtown area during the years I was coming up. I am really grateful for this invitation and happy to be able to present this group in my hometown. There is a lot of conflict and strife in the world. Is there new music coming through that can give your listeners a sense of peace in these troubled times?

My relationship to the world and the culture at large is there, but I feel very fortunate to be able to live life as a musician. In music, we trade in a currency that is based on something that is actually and irrefutably true. It can be of the times but also transcendent of any particular moment if you can get to the good notes. I cherish having the knowledge that each day, no matter what happens, Bb is always Bb. It has always been that way and it always will be that way, no matter what else is going on. For musicians and listeners alike, there is a lot of peace in that.

thanks, from Pat


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