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Lucy Wijnands @ The Blue Room March 17

Daughter of pianist, Bram Wijnands (Why-Nands) Lucy Wijnands has been exploring music and art in New York City for the past few years and she is scheduled to perform at the Blue Room, in the American Jazz Museum with her father on Friday, March 17th, at 8:30 pm & 10 pm. Reservations are advised and can be purchased at (full ticket link below)

Lucy has studied at the State University of New York at Purchase with renowned vocalist Alexis Cole, who happens to come from a similar background as Lucy. Her father and grandmother were both pianists and vocalists. Jazz Voice Professor, Alexis Cole’s most notable students happen to be Samara Joy (McLendon) who became a two time Grammy winner last month and was winner of the 2019 Sarah Vaughan Competition. And then there is Lucy Wijnands, who was a Downbeat Award winner in 2020 and the winner of the 2020 Ella Fitzgerald Competition.

In speaking with Ms. Cole recently, she offered, that “Lucy’s singing is full of magic.” A high compliment from an artist who has traveled and studied around the world and who, herself has more than a dozen recordings to her credit. “It’s not just that her time feel is spectacularly thrilling, especially at breakneck tempos, or that her warm vibrato makes you feel like you’ve died and gone to heaven.” Cole added, “There’s something indescribable about her approach to the lyric that is so personal and wise beyond her years. She is a truly captivating vocalist.”

Interviewed in JAM Magazine by Joe Dimino in 2021, Lucy Wijnands said, "My dad's friend had an inauguration party for Obama in 2008 and that was the first time I sang with my dad. I remember thinking how much fun it was. Then I started singing (with him) at the Majestic," Lucy said. "I would bring all my friends from school to drink Shirley Temples. I was always going to my dad's gigs." You can catch some of that magic at the Blue Room on St. Patrick’s Day. Lucy will make a rare KC appearance with her very talented father at the keyboard, or perhaps at the bass, find out the details on March 17th, at the Blue Room.

Tickets and Information:

Hear the full Neon Jazz interview with Lucy Wijnands:

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