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Live at the Green Lady Lounge

Kansas Public Radio InvitesYyou to KCs Original Music Jazz Scene

Experience the energy and excitement of original Kansas City jazz from some of the area’s

best-known musicians at the city’s premier jazz club, Green Lady Lounge, in a new way.

With in-house recordings right off the venue’s stage, Kansas Public Radio’s newest program

Live at Green Lady Lounge allows listeners to experience KC’s rich jazz tradition and listen to their favorite local artists, such as Danny Embrey, Rod Fleeman, Tyrone Clark, Ken Lovern, Brian Baggett, and more.

Hosted by Kansas City jazz’s own David Basse, Live at Green Lady Lounge allows listeners a front row seat to the music being created in Kansas City, here and now. All radio recordings feature original works, written and played by the musicians that call the city home. And it’s not just Green Lady; the program also highlights performances from owner John Scott’s other venues, The Black Dolphin and the Orion Room, for a full experience of just how much talent the area has to offer.

KPR Program Director and Retro Cocktail Hour host Darrell Brogdon invites listeners to join in on this one-of-a-kind experience. “Live at Green Lady Lounge harkens back to a time when Kansas City had countless night clubs, bars and dance halls where KC jazz musicians played, and often broadcast on the radio,” Brogdon says. “We’re thrilled at the opportunity to do a callback to those days with this show, featuring some of the city’s best jazz musicians.”

Listeners can tune in each Saturday at 6 p.m. for Live at Green Lady Lounge, and Sundays at 9 p.m. for an encore presentation of the previous evening’s show. Episodes are broadcast on-air at 91.5 FM, and are available to stream at and on the KPR app.

—Emily Fisher

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