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Karrin Allyson Returns to the Folly Theater

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Venues around the world reopen their doors to those hungry to hear live music. The Folly Theater continues their long-running Jazz Series this month with a Kansas City Favorite, the Grammy nominated vocalist Karrin Allyson.

Karrin Allyson is looking forward to returning to the Folly Theater in Kansas City.

Her Folly engagement will be anchored by 2 long-time Kansas City colleagues. Bassist Bob Bowman and guitarist Rod Fleeman are internationally known musicians. They have shared their combined talents on several of Karrin’s recordings, beginning in 1992 with the Concord Records release, I Didn’t Know About You.

Karrin will also be joined on October 9th by pianist Miro Sprague and drummer Jerome Jennings. Both musicians, along with Fleeman, recorded on her 2018 KAS Records release, Some of that Sunshine.

To keep things interesting, the bassist and drummer have never performed together. “. . . it will be fun to hook Bob & Jerome up with all of us,” said Karrin, “as you know, bass & drums—a very important hookup—I have a good feeling on this one. I’m calling this Karrin’s Kaleidoscope.” Karrin assures us every member of this talented bunch will be featured on October 9th. She’ll play some piano, too.

“I love how professional and respectful they are to the musicians there,” said Karrin:

“I love knowing the Folly was a burlesque theatre back in the day… I love my memories, of when I was playing downtown at my uncle Ron Schoonover’s club, The Phoenix, that the Folly was just up the road. And sometimes, an artist like James Williams came in, and I was thrilled of course — then (I) dreamed of someday playing at the Folly.”

On September 28th, 2021, KCUR’s Steve Kraske asked Karrin Allyson about having a year and a half off from performing. “It’s your identity, after all, your life,” said Karrin. “I didn’t used to think of myself as driven, but it has been pointed out to me.” Karrin Allyson is the consummate performer, a joy to watch and listen to. "I've always felt that Karrin Allyson is one of us,” said Kraske, “given the number of years she lived here. She has flown so high! It's been fun to watch her soar" Karrin’s Folly show will include original songs from Some of that Sunshine, a few new ones, some Mose

Allison, and some songs from Bonnie Raitt. Karrin has a weeklong performance scheduled at Birdland, in New York in January of 2022. The show is called Silver Lining: Karrin sings the songs of Bonnie Raitt.

Karrin Allyson at the Folly Theater October 9th, 2021, with a jazz talk hosted by KCJA President Mark Edelman at 7pm with the show at 8pm. Tickets and information at

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