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Kansas City Jazz Orchestra

The Kansas City Jazz Orchestra is celebrating their first 20 years with the release of a commemorative book and the orchestra’s fourth studio album. The book, by Libby Hanssen, and the album with vocalist Eboni Fondren celebrate the past and embrace the future of the organization and Kansas City jazz.

The commemorative book and vinyl run of the upcoming album are limited edition and only available by pre-sale.

The commemorative book, written by local arts contributor Libby Hanssen, will document KCJO’s history, pay tribute to those that have played a vital role in our success and growth and look to KCJO’s exciting future.

The upcoming album honors the rich Kansas City jazz legacy, but with a twenty-first century twist. The orchestra’s first album in eight years will feature the iconic Moten Swing, a Kansas City standard that dates back nearly a century, and compositions from mainstay musicians in our Big Band and guest vocalist Eboni Fondren.

The purchase of the packaged book and vinyl, or either standalone piece also includes an invitation to our official release party on September 23, 2023 at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts.

You are welcomed to pick up your set at the release party / concert at the Kauffman.

The album and it’s release party at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts features vocalist, Eboni Fondren, and the new season features shows at the Kauffman and at the Folly Theater.

Plus, they have Riff Generation and small group shows, (including a jam session with the orchestra) all are featured prominently on the orchestra’s newly re-vamped website.

Find full details at

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