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Alan Voss Quartet: BAOBAB

Alan Voss Quartet album release Sat. July 15, 2023 6-8pm

Englewood Arts Performing Arts Space 10901 E Winner Rd

Independence, MO 64052

Always a quaint little section of Independence with a lot of charm, the newly formed Englewood Arts District holds an awful lot of promise for the arts in our region. There’s a solid plan in place to assist the arts community through development of residential and commercial incentives,

public art, art events, art programs, philanthropy, and community outreach solutions.

Jazz guitarist, Alan Voss and his wife, for example live just a few doors from Vivilore, an exceptional restaurant where Alan plays regularly. He can literally ‘walk to work.’ His weekly gigs are less than a block from their new home.

A well read and quiet man, Alan Voss, returned recently to his home town, he and his wife bought a sweet little house and settled in to watch the burgeoning ‘arts district’ grow up around them.

It’s worked out well so far. He’s started a band with his neighbor, bassist Forest Stewart, and they added Benjamin Baker and drummer Evan Verploegh.

Forming this quartet has helped Alan to realize a long-standing dream. When asked why he, a native of Independence, MO named his debut recording after the ancient Baobab tree, the guitarist, replied,

“releasing my very first album in my fifties, I thought Baobab was an appropriate title.”

Often called ‘The Tree of Life,’ Baobab trees remain today on the arid and dry African savannah. The trees predate the advent of mankind and the splitting of the continents.

BAOBAB the album - is available on high-quality vinyl LPs or you can purchase the tracks on a flash drive. Both will be available at the band’s record release event, held on the main level of the newly renovated Englewood Arts performance space. Wine and soft drinks, plus hors d' oeuvres will be provided from 6pm to 8pm on Saturday, July 15th and the quartet will present their original music on the brand-new well-appointed Englewood Arts performance stage.

Who knows, there may even be some glass blowing, pottery throwing, or metal sculpting going on to add to the fun. Get a bunch of artists together, give them a bit of space, and anything can happen!

The Alan Voss Quartet is thrilled to share with you their debut release on Saturday, July 15th, 2023, 6-8pm at the Englewood Arts Performing Arts Space.

Englewood Arts Performing Arts Space - 10901 E Winner Rd - Independence, MO 64052

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