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Tommy Ruskin Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Tommy Ruskin Memorial Scholarship Fund for Jazz Education is named for the beloved Kansas City jazz master who mentored and inspired countless performers who continue his great legacy today.

The fund enables aspiring artists of all ages to pursue jazz education. New generations of jazz hopefuls apprentice under the current jazz masters who are part of the wealth of Kansas City, and together they perpetuate the music that has become synonymous with Kansas City and America’s music history.

Help promote jazz education and honor Tommy's contribution to jazz in Kansas City by donating to the Tommy Ruskin Memorial Scholarship Fund. Contributions, no matter the size, help local youth of all ages.

If you are a high school or college/university student (or will be in the fall) with an interest in pursuing Jazz Studies (performance, composition, education or industry), or are a Jazz music program, ensemble/band director, we encourage you to consider applying for the Tommy Ruskin Memorial Scholarship Fund. Please review our Scholarship Information page for further information.

Applications deadline is May 1st

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