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Show and Shed October 15 at American Jazz Museum

Renowned Kansas City musicians gather to share their craft with all comers on October 15th at the 8th annual Show and Shed.

To enlighten those who are not hip to the latest jazz lingo, to ‘shed’ is to practice your instrument. Akin to ‘going to the shed’, or going, ‘out behind the woodshed’ to play your instrument alone, where nobody will hear your dreaded squeaks and squawks.

Then, you’ll be ready to go on stage and “shred the changes”, which is a completely different thing. To shred the changes, is the play an interesting solo. To literally, ‘tear apart the chord-changes of the song’, define all of the notes that could possibly be played, and then—in an instant—play magnificent solos that really do-not sound as if you just made things up. That’s the idea in jazz; play things you are making up on the spur of the moment, as if you do it all the time.

There are veteran musicians who are qualified to show YOU how to do it. Find them at Show and Shed, on October 15th from 9am to 4pm. Folks such as Lisa Henry, Stanton Kessler, and Eddie Moore are there. They are artists who can help you out. have actually-already performed the 10,000 hours required to ‘master’ the preferred instrument. They make it ‘look easy’ as they say, by spending a whole lot of time – in the shed.

The rhythm section is James and Jaylen Ward. A jazz master, and his Down Beat award winning son, you know they are as tight as thieves, plus Matt Baldwin, one of KCs coolest tenor saxophonists, and to top things off, Chilean percussionist, Pablo Sanhueza.

The fun starts at 9am and includes concerts by the DJ Quartet and the Hannover Jazz Orchestra, direct from Hannover, Germany. Register online at for this instrumental and vocal jazz workshop, presented by some of Kansas City’s favorite musicians.

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