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Nominate Your Favorite KC Jazz Musicians Now!

Nominations are open for the 1st annual JAM Awards, celebrating your favorite Kansas City jazz musicians. Nominate your own “besties” on the KC Jazz Ambassadors website at

Nominations will close September 15; finalists will be announced in the October JAM magazine.

“We’ve got a lot of great musicians here in KC,” explained JAM Magazine editor David Basse. “There’s no way to pick a ‘best’ of anything--- everyone’s got their own special talent or vibe they bring to the music.” The JAM awards are a chance to recognize that, plus have a party when we hand out the awards in December. It will be a great ending to a less than great 2020-21.

Rather than a “Best Musician” competition, the KCJA JAM Awards will invite jazz fans to pick their favorite performer in a variety of categories, including Favorite Jazz Pianist, Vocalist, Trumpet, Sax, Trombone, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Percussion and more. “We hope to get enough nominations to break it down to favorite alto, tenor and bari/bass saxophones,” added Jazz Ambassadors Vice-President Stephen Mann. “There’s certainly plenty of talent in KC.”

Nominations will be collected and collated by September 15, when the ballot for the 2021 JAM Awards will be posted on the Jazz Ambassador website and featured in the October issue of JAM. A party to celebrate the winners will take place in December, to coincide with the KCJA annual meeting.

Nominate your favorites now at .

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