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Metamorphosis Folly Style

Bright Moments abound at the Folly Theater. No matter your taste in music or architecture, chances are you can conger up a favorite Folly moment. And now, she’s done it again, as the 2022-23 theater season opens the fresh new Folly theater is as stunning as ever, ready to welcome you to her beautiful, new and larger seats.

Navigating financial downturns, inclement weather, or global pandemics is a difficult proposition for those who are the stewards of entertainment. Our current trifecta has brought many other long and lovely stories to a sudden end. So many, in fact that we tend to look at the bright side and shrug off the closing of another beloved watering hole or gathering place.

Yet, The Folly Theater, now well past 100 has really outdone herself. The $4 million facelift has gone well, and the past Executive Director has passed the torch that lights up 12th Street to an able team that loves and respects all aspects of the sordid Folly story.

Theaters are not just empty vessels where concerts, plays, films, and speeches take place. They are shared, sacred spaces where we, as a community, laugh, cry, imagine, worship and applaud. They are temples where we experience catharsis. And possibility.”

Rick Truman, the new Executive Director.

That is an exceptional way to begin a new love story. Proclaim that you are ready to do all you can to uphold the grand tradition, and others will be there with you to hold you up, when the times get tough.

The Folly Jazz Series began with New York Voices joined by The Kansas City Jazz Orchestra on October 14th, and Keiko Matsui flies in on November 4th, with the full lineup available at:

And, for those looking to break the Family Thanksgiving Ice in style, consider inviting them to a pumping Diva Dance by 2 of Broadway’s finest; Lachanze, who played Donna Summer on Broadway and Krystal Joy Brown who appeared as Dianna Ross, and in Hamilton, with a real band and background singers to totally tear-it-up on Saturday, November 19th, at the Folly.

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