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KCJA Meet-Up Scheduled for Tuesday, March 8 and Tuesday April 12

Tuesday, March 8 is the date for KC Jazz Ambassadors’ next Meet Up at Johnnie’s Jazz Club, 14th and Main.

Jim Mair’s Kansas City Kansas Community College jazz students put together a great show. They’ll be performing from 7 to 9pm in support of KC Jazz Ambassadors Future of Jazz scholarship program.

There is no cover charge; a full bar and restaurant menu (including $2 Taco Tuesdays!) available for jazz fans to wet their whistles and chow down during the students’ two sets.

On April 12, a jazz ensemble from Ottawa University in nearby Baldwin, KS will play Johnnie’s for our monthly Meet Up. The band is under the direction of Jazz Studies Program Director Dan Thomas, formerly of UMKC, and a celebrated saxophonist in his own right.

For each Future of Jazz Tuesday night program, the KC Jazz Ambassadors donate $500 to each school’s foundation, for distribution to jazz students who earn scholarships in that area.

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