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Kansas City Jazz Orchestra

The Kansas City Jazz Orchestra announces the launching a second ensemble and an additional performance series during the coming season.

We’ll see the debut of its new second ensemble, Riff Generation in the 2021/2022 season. The ensemble, distinct from the organization's long-established 18-piece big band, now entering its 19th season, will perform a multi-concert series beginning in the first half of 2022.

Riff Generation is being created to perform new music imbued with the improvisational sound and spirit of Kansas City. It will be a smaller ensemble than the 18-piece jazz orchestra, and the new ensemble will be performing contemporary jazz compositions in the style of Kansas City’s rich history.

The riff, a short musical phrase layered and developed within the tune is a main component of Kansas City’s music and the riff is the inspiration for the new Riff Generation’s musical character.

Musical Director, Clint Ashlock said, “I think it will be a fantastic complement to the big band and give our organization an opportunity to engage more great musicians and create and play some new music that provides a counterpoint to the jazz orchestra literature.”

The new ensemble will begin performances in the first half of 2022. Information will be available at the KCJO website

The orchestra will be holding auditions this year. For audition information visit

For further information and all inquiries go to or call (816) 225-4949

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