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Kansas City Jazz Ambassadors Jazz Calendar is Back

After so many months absent from the scene, our weekly jazz calendar is once again online and available for everybody. When you’re looking for some great Kansas City jazz, check it out at:

Kudos to KCJA board member Herschel McWilliams, who puts together this labor of love. “We’re really fortunate to have Herschel on our team,” praised KCJA president Mark Edelman. “Besides being an accomplished saxophone player who loves the music, he has the IT chops to run our website and add the weekly listings that are so crucial to our goal of promoting jazz in Kansas City.”

Many of the regular hot spots like the Blue Room, Chaz on the Plaza, the Majestic, the Phoenix, Green Lady Lounge, and the Black Dolphin are already open. Joining places like Johnny’s, The Intercontinental Hotel, and Corvino’s Supper Club that have been open a while, and there are special engagements at even more venues, such as 18th and Vine’s Soiree, Crystal’s Spot in Downtown Lawrence, The Westport

Coffee House Theater, the Piano Room out in Waldo.

“New nightclubs are opening daily around the area,” said JAM Editor David Basse, “and we are doing our very best to keep jazz fans informed.” New jazz ideas abound around Kansas City. “In terms of the number of different rooms where you can see great jazz, anytime of the week all the yearlong, Kansas City is close to the national top.” added

Jazz Ambassadors Board Member, Linda McShann.

Get out and hear some live Kansas City jazz and tell them Herschel sent you.

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