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JCCC’s Jazz Series

JCCC’s Jazz Series continues to bring you new recitals through the week of April 11th, then all 7 performances can be accessed 24/7 through the end of May. If you are wishing for saxophones, find Matt Otto, David Chael or Adam Larson. Yearning for guitars? There is Will Matthews, Charles Gatschet and Rod Fleeman. Charles Williams, DeAndre Manning and Michael Warren play not only some originals, but also Amazing Grace, Deep River and My Wild Irish Rose. Bryan Hicks sings songs from the days of Tin Pan Alley: It Had to Be You, Lady Be Good and more.

Check out, scroll down past the Ruel Joyce Series (maybe stop to hear pianist Sean Chen improvise on some Shubert Impromptus) and then you can imagine yourself in Polsky Theatre in the Midwest Trust Center, listening to the jazz musicians you love to hear.

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