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JCCC Jazz Recitals for Spring ‘22

The JCCC Jazz recitals begin on Tuesday, Feb. 22 at noon in the Polsky Theatre in the Midwest Trust Center with a performance by the Adam Larson Quartet and continue weekly through April 5 when Angela Hagenbach’s HOT Latin Jazz Ensemble will treat the audience to a reunion concert by her group.

The recitals are free and open to the audience on a first-come, first-seated basis. Audience will be expected to follow current JCCC COVID-19 protocols. (Visit for updates.)

The entire series includes several new performers to the series as well as many favorites:

Feb 22 Adam Larson Quartet

Polsky Theatre

March 1 Matt Villinger, piano

Brant Jester piano

Polsky Theatr

March 8 Matt Hopper Quartet

Polsky Theatre

March 15 Sons of Brasil

Polsky Theatre

March 22 Leslie Maclean Trio

Polsky Theatre

March 29 Tango and More

Beau Bledsoe, guitar

Coleen Dieker, violin

Polsky Theatre

April 5 Angela Hagenbach’s HOT Latin Jazz Ensemble Yardley Hall

Both the Ruel Joyce and the Jazz recitals are available on-line at

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