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International Jazz Day - The Mingus Big Band – GEM Theater April 30

Mingus Big Band

"Some people describe the Mingus Big Band as the most joyous experience in jazz. Others call it the most profound. Seeing the band last night at Ronnie's was a reminder of why it's both at once." -The Telegraph. Photo Courtesy of the Mingus Big Band

The American Jazz Museum Celebrates 25 Years

Believe In: Legacy 25 on Saturday, April 30th. Believe In is our second-annual gala, presented both virtually and in-person, featuring the seven-time Grammy nominated Mingus Big Band. The band celebrates the music of composer and bassist Charles Mingus and can be heard in prestigious venues of New York City and around the world. It is an honor to present the Big Band on International Jazz Day to celebrate Charles Mingus’ centennial year and this landmark year for the museum.

Thank you to the Kansas City community for your continued support of the American Jazz Museum. If you are interested in sponsoring these special exhibitions and events, please contact Lisa Alpert, Director of External Affairs & Communications at

By Lisa Alpert

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