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Celebrate Hamburger Mary (Lou Williams That is) to Benefit the Musician’s Assistance Fund

Wednesday, June 15th at 7pm

Hamburger Mary’s, located at 37th and Broadway in the Uptown Theatre building, is the place and June 15 is the date for the first annual Hamburger Mary (Lou Williams) Benefit for the KC Jazz Ambassadors. The fun begins at 7pm. The event features Hamburger Mary’s great food and drink and another of their benevolent HamBINGO parties, in support of the KCJA Musician’s Assistance Fund.

There’s no better way to honor an artist as giving as pianist, Mary Lou Williams. She was known to spend her savings as well as help from friends to turn her apartment in Hamilton Heights, New York into a halfway house for the poor as well as musicians who were grappling with addiction.

“It’s a great way for jazz lovers and our own musicians to give back to the Musician’s Assistance Fund, which distributed $16,000 in Gig Grants to local KC jazz musicians when the clubs were closed for COVID,” explained Jazz Ambassador’s Secretary Linda McShann. “And HamBINGO is a blast!”

Besides enjoying Hamburger Mary’s tasty menu and full bar service, June 15th partygoers will buy packages of bingo cards. All Proceeds from the cards played that night, will help to replenish the Jazz Ambassador’s Musician’s Assistance Fund.

“Whether it’s helping out a bass player whose truck was broken into or providing rent support or medical assistance, the MAF has been around for decades to answer the needs of KC’s jazz Community,” continued Jazz Ambassador president Mark Edelman. “It’s a great cause, great fun . . . and everyone’s got to eat anyway, right?”

Bingo prize winners will receive KC Jazz Ambassador tee shirts, commemorative jazz posters, CDs by popular local jazz artists and other goodies. To reserve your table at HamBINGO on June 15, call

Hamburger Mary’s at 816-842-1919.

Go to and click on our virtual tip jar to donate to the Musician’s Assistance Fund, and thanks!

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