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It’s a Wrap: It’s the 2023 Jam Musician Awards—Your Local Faves

Updated: Dec 7, 2023


The third annual JAM Musician Awards kicked on off June 15th, when the nominations opened for the 2023 honors. The nominations and voting are now closed. Your favorite jazz musicians will be collecting their awards on Thursday, December 14th, 2023, at 8pm, in the Uptown Lounge, 34th & Main Street, KCMO.

Make plans now to join us for the finale of the JAM Awards third year!

The fun begins at 7 pm. On the agenda, this year, is the Jazz Ambassadors annual meeting, our December Jazz Futures concert, featuring Ryan Heinlein’s JCCC band. Doors open at 5pm for hob-knobbing with your jazz favorites while waiting patiently to hear the results and see the winners collect their awards.

“It’s a great way to recognize the Kansas City jazz musicians you enjoy all year long,” explained KCJA president David Basse. “If you like a particular trumpeter, bassist, or saxophone player, nominate them—it’s an honor!”

Nominations and awards were decided for nine different instruments, plus your favorite big band, jazz radio host, nightclub and concert venue. And there’s a new category this year:

“Jazz Vocalist/Instrumentalist” (think Oleta Adams, Kelley Hunt, Dan Sturdevant)

Only one nomination per category was accepted from each voter.

“This is about your favorite musicians, as nominated and selected by the Kansas City jazz community,” explained KCJA board member Herschel McWilliams. “The judges counted more than 700 ballots, so even more folks participated in 2023.”

Go ahead, tell your jazz friends, next year, we want to hear from each and every jazz fan in the area!

Join us! Ambassadors will on hand to accept your Premium Membership for just $89.00 a year, or $8.95 and month at the event.

Come hungry! Please drop by Kansas City’s Uptown Lounge December 14th and enjoy a delicious buffet, a celebrity jazz event, and great live music. A cash bar will be offered by Alan & Jean Stribling in their fantastic new nightclub. Be 21.


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