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Community Service Links

As part of our mission to serve the jazz community.  We have volunteer activities, if you would like to get involved or know an organization needing our assistance, please let us know.

We have identified various resources that may help you and your family.  Most of the resources are free or come at very little cost to the member.  KCJA is not compensated in any way by these organizations.

Helpful Health Links

Nothing is more important than your health. As healthcare consumers, we are more and more finding it necessary to become educated on the resources available to us. This stuff just costs too much!  Below are some resources to help you lower your healthcare costs. Please consult with your healthcare provider before making any significant changes.  For Free or Income Based Clinics, visit the website: also visit

Lower Your Prescription Costs

If you know of resources that might be helpful to other members of the jazz community, click here to send a note and tell us about it. 
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