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Tommy Ruskin Memorial Scholarship Information

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria if you are applying as a Student

  • High school, homeschool, GAP year, college or university students, entering grade 9 and up in the Fall, who in the opinion of his/her peers and instructors, displaying an interest and potential in jazz (performance, composition, education or industry)

  • Demonstrates potential for growth, artistic accomplishments and leadership skills

  • College/University students should be prepared to demonstrate financial need related to college tuition and/or music school related expenses, fees and registration related to attendance at conferences or summer jazz camp

  • High School, homeschool, and GAP year students should use the scholarship award as tuition to attend either a summer jazz camp or college tuition, lessons, and/or music school related expenses

  • Applicants must not have been a recipient of the Tommy Ruskin Memorial Scholarship within the past year

  • All applicants must be residents of Kansas or Missouri

  • Recipients must participate in a jazz class or ensemble during the school year after the scholarship is granted

  • Recipients must be willing and available to volunteer for the annual SupperClub fundraising event in the year of application (students age 18 and UP only)

Eligibility Criteria if you are applying as a Music Program or Band/Ensemble Director

  • Program location must be located within Kansas or Missouri, serving students who are located within Kansas or Missouri

  • Funds awarded must be used for program development and/or needed repairs, maintenance, supplies, etc.

  • Applicants must not have been a Tommy Ruskin Memorial Scholarship award recipient within the past five years

  • Recipients must be willing and available to volunteer for the annual SupperClub fundraising event in the year of application

Submission Criteria

Please have all required information prepared prior to completing the application

  • Applicant and Parent demographic information (address, phone number, email, year in school, instrument played, years played)

  • Band or Ensemble Director information

  • Intended Use of Funds - summer camp or program information, lesson instructor demographic information, college tuition or other program details and amount requested ($100-$1,000+)

  • Recommender information (name, phone, email)

  • Personal Statement describing your goals and how the scholarship funds will help you meet your goals (250-750 words, )

  • Professional or high quality headshot photo (optional)

  • APPLICATION DUE DATE is 11:59pm, Central Time, May 1st. This includes all materials including letter of Recommendation for Student Applicants.

  • Award Recipients will be notified by June 1st

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