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Vote Now for Your Favorite KC Jazz Musicians

Herschel McWilliams

Voting has begun for the 2021 JAM Jazz Musicians Awards, sponsored by the KC Jazz Ambassadors. Vote online now at:

Winners will be announced at the organization’s annual meeting in December.

“This is the first year of the awards, so we didn’t know what to expect,” explained KCJA president Mark Edelman. “But in three months of nominations, we received nearly three hundred entries, proving once again that KC is a great jazz town!”

Jazz Ambassador members and KC jazz fans were invited to pick their favorite musicians in a variety of categories, from vocalists and entertainers to sax, trumpet, guitar, bass, drums, piano, keyboard and more. The four top selections in each category advanced to the final ballot, which is online at:

“We included categories for favorite club and venue,” added Jazz Ambassador board member Herschel McWilliams. “Kansas City’s many jazz radio hosts are represented on the ballot as well.”

For more information on the Jazz Ambassadors, visit the organization’s website at

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