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Spring Ruel Joyce and Jazz Recitals

The Ruel Joyce and Jazz Recitals at JCCC will continue virtually beginning the first week in March. The spring recitals have been recorded in JCCC’s Polsky Theatre for release over seven weeks and accessible until the end of May.

Jazz listeners will find some of their favorite players creating programs using materials not always featured in their live performances. Because of license restrictions, they are limited to either music in the public domain and no longer under copyright, and music they and their fellow performers have composed.

Some have opted to feature their own compositions and they often tell you what prompted them to create the work, or they explain musically what they were doing as they wrote. Others have gone back a century to play and sing music which figured prominently in the early days of jazz development. Each performer brings their own contemporary understanding to the work.

Recitals continue to take place in the Midwest Trust Center (formerly Carlsen Center) at Johnson County Community College. The center was renamed in January 2021 because of a donation from Brad and Libby Bergman, long-time supporters of JCCC. More information on the gift can be found online.

March 2 Roger Wilder Quintet

March 9 Michael Pagan, piano

March 16 Will Matthews Trio

March 23 Tyrone Clark Trio

March 30 Nate Nall Quintet

April 6 Bryan Hicks, Rod Fleeman Duo

April 13 Charles Williams Trio

You can access the full series at

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