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Soulful Serenade

An Evening with The Kelley Hunt Acoustic Quartet

Thursday, August 31st

8pm-doors open at 7pm

Uptown Lounge is proud to present a phenomenon in the music industry: Kelley Hunt

Hunt is a Kansas City native, R&B/Americana singer, pianist, and guitarist with a career steeped in blues, roots, and gospel traditions. She has defied easy artist definitions, blending her unique sound with a refreshing originality. Inspired by early blues and gospel legends like Mahalia Jackson and Ruth Brown, Kelley's love for music was further shaped by her mother's jazz and blues singing and her New Orleans gospel singer grandmother's influence.

Her discography boasts seven critically acclaimed studio albums and two singles, with over 150,000 indie units sold and downloaded on her own label. She is a musical trailblazer with an unassailable credibility and fierce independence, Kelley Hunt's impact on the industry and her audience is profound. With her powerful performances and heartfelt compositions, she remains an authentic and inspiring force in the ever-changing world of music.

In 2014, Kelley's sixth studio album, "THE BEAUTIFUL BONES" took the world by storm, earning universal praise from critics, radio, and fans. The album's superbly crafted songs blend timeless music with a contemporary perspective, showcasing Kelley's soulful lyrics and songwriting prowess.

Joining Kelley Hunt at Uptown Lounge will be eminent acoustic bassist James Albright, singer Allena Ross, and drummer-percussionist Brandon Graves. A unique and intimate evening with the Kelley Hunt Acoustic Quartet.

Uptown Lounge – 3400 Main Street - Thursday, August 31 from 8:00-11:00 p.m.

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