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Riff Generation

Friday, April 1, 2022 – Review

There is so much world class talent in Kansas City, it is easy to overlook some real gems. Clint Ashlock, Artistic Director of The Kansas City Jazz Orchestra has spent time the last couple of years to redefine the Kansas City Sound and assemble an ensemble of many forward-thinking artists who have been honing their individual styles here, over the past decade.

The results are stunning, and they were on display for the first time April 1st at The Medallion Theater. This is not a leaner version of KCJO, this is a total 180 from the Kansas City big band sound your grandparents knew and loved, and this is the music that will keep our city at the forefront of jazz for years to come.

This is Kansas City Jazz,” said Artistic Director, Clint Ashlock, “in 2022, 23, 24 and in 2029 if we all make it that far.”

Each musician was hand picked by Ashlock. From there, the artists collaborated amongst themselves to play their own original compositions, create their own arrangements, and put together a framework that features 10 of Kansas City’s own brightest stars doing what they do best: Performing the music that they love and create themselves.

This is a step up for Kansas City and its jazz.

Even on the very first evening, with all that goes into being a brand-new band, the new venue, and the emotional output of ten incredible performers combining their talents onstage for the very first time, this was a step up for the city and it’s jazz.

This is world class. There at two more shows on the books so far for this summer; Friday May 20th and Friday June 24th, 2022, at The Medallion Theater, Plexpod Westport Commons

300 East 39th Street, Kansas City, MO 64111

For tickets and information visit

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