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Oliver School of Music 2023 Recital and Floor Show

Bruce R. Watkins Cultural Heritage Center Saturday, June 24th, 2023, 2pm

It’s that time again, time to showcase the student’s progress and to continue revealing that none of this, would have happened without your continued support.

For the past 23 years we have seen more than 500 students, out of which, 6 have earned music education degrees and 2 a double major. One alumnus is a music education instructor within the Kansas City Missouri School District, and another is an educator/performer/entertainment lawyer in Tennessee. There are 2 additional alumni that are area church musicians and others have succeeded. They have gone on to be employable, entrepreneurs, and community volunteers.

During the many years, piano has been a foundational instrument, while; voice, trombone, bass & drums have been included. The drums, the bass and other instruments are often taught by volunteers. It is during this annual performance that we offer a monetary gift to each of our volunteers that has not yet been able to equate with the services they have rendered.

This year’s donations are imperative, as we have rented a grand piano for the Bruce R. Watkins Cultural Heritage Center concert.

We have shined a light throughout the community by teaching the science of music, critical thinking and analyzation of musical scoring. Notwithstanding the experience they receive from performing, entertaining, teaching, and supporting their colleagues.

None of this could have occurred without your continued support. So yes, here we are again and we do look forward to your physical, moral and financial support.

This year’s performance will be held at the Bruce R. Watkins Cultural Heritage Center, 3700 Blue Parkway, Kansas City, Missouri, Saturday, June 24th, 2023 at 2 p.m. The cost of tickets is $20 each and MUST be purchased by calling Ms. Oliver in advance or contacting her on Facebook.

For Information and tickets: Toni Oliver (816) 231-7817

Facebook link:

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I had asked for former students to write a letter of recommendation for the Oliver School of Music and this is from Jazzmon Lane. Hey Jazz, thanks so much and I will forever and always love you Baby!

March 13, 2022

To Whom it May Concern:

From earning a little extra money here and there, to performing on the stage of Carnegie Hall, to a bachelor’s degree in music. To relating to and understanding my favorite music on a level more profound than experienced by many, I am endlessly grateful that these are experiences that have been and will stay with me, for the rest of my life, thanks to the Oliver School of Music.

I started taking music lessons at the age of 11 from Ms. Toni Oliver. From the very first lesson, I knew that I was experiencing something special. Ms. Oliver is a fount of knowledge, both musical and otherwise. I don’t think I’ll ever forget my first lessons – “Music is numbers, and music moves. Music ascends and descends. There are 7 main letters in music…” These were the beginnings of my musical teachings.

Ms. Oliver is a masterful teacher; ensuring that her students have a firm grasp on the concepts she is imparting to them. I have heard so many ‘horror stories’ from my musical colleagues at university, who had piano instructors who had ineffective, unenjoyable, and unenduring teaching styles that, instead of nourishing and caring for the musical curiosities of their budding students, ended up crushing any desires to continue with music past their parents’ influence; thankfully, this was not my experience.

Ms. Oliver detects the seedlings of potential and curiosity within her students, and tends to it, as one would in a garden. She knows that no two students are identical, and that each individual needs room to grow and experience music in their own way. Once her students have a thorough understanding of the practical AND theoretical fundamentals of Music (that’s right, she teaches Music Theory as well), the lessons she provides progress in the way best suited for that individual student.

For example, I as a student had a particular interest in music with a Latin influence and flair.(and still very much do) She catered to that, helping me prepare the piece Malagueña by Isaac Albeníz, (for) my second year at State competition. In fact, Ms. Oliver helped me prepare every piece I ever took to musical competition, and while the piano was not my only instrument (I also competed on Bb Clarinet and Flute), her thorough knowledge of music performance and music theory, coupled with her vast experience in performing in a range of different venues, halls, and stages, allowed her to aid me applying all of the necessary techniques to bring home top rate medal after medal, and trophy after trophy.

Performances and competitions are fun and rewarding in an adrenaline-fueled and exciting sort of way, but I truly believe that nothing has been as gratifying and fulfilling as my exposure to western music theory at the Oliver School of Music.

It is one thing to be able to read and perform music, but it is a different thing entirely to truly understand it; the why in the compositions I was performing, behind the how. I learned so much theory at OSM that when I entered University and had to take Music Theory 1, I only needed to go (take the) exams because she had already covered all the course work in the early stages of my music lessons!

Because of my teachings at OSM I can still, at the age of 30, approach any musical endeavor with a calm and knowledgeable confidence.

It takes a lot to run a business. It takes even more to facilitate it out of one’s own home, and what’s more – have it be successful! But that’s exactly how I would describe The Oliver School of Music. It, (the school) and Toni Oliver, will always have my undying support and gratitude as it is the very least I can offer in return for the experiences, memories, knowledge, and support they have given me over the years.


Jazz Lane

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