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KC Jazz Orchestra Sets Parker Tribute Outdoors

Charlie Parker’s 100th birthday will be celebrated by our own Kansas City Jazz Orchestra on the Bird’s birthday, Saturday, August 29, 8pm at the Plexpod, 39th and Warwick. Tickets for the outdoor drive in concert, part of the KC Drivein Concerts series, are on sale now at

“Since the birthdays of Count Basie, the Bird and Bobby Watson are all within a few weeks of each other, I thought this would be a good opportunity to capitalize on that- make that the theme,” explained KCJO artistic director Clint Ashlock. A quintet under Ashlock’s direction, featuring local jazz favorites David Chael, Eddie Moore, Andrew Stinson and John Kizilarmut, will perform tunes by these three Kansas City jazz innovators .

Additional KCJO concerts will be performed at the Plexpod on Saturdays, September 19 and October 3 at 8pm. Those gigs will feature different small ensembles. “Using the smaller format, this kind of tells the story of these major figures in Kansas City jazz history, representing significant stylistic periods of jazz,” continued Ashlock.

Capacity is limited to fifty cars; social distancing will be enforced and masks required for patrons who leave their cars. Food and beverages will be sold at the Plexpod’s Canteen.

In addition, the Plexpod will host Eddie Moore with Jason Emmond and Zack Morrow on Saturday, Sep 25. Guitarist Bea Bledsoe hosts an evening at Plexpod on Friday, Sep 11 with guest Soukayna Jamali, Coleen Dieker and Amado Espinoza.. Tickets for all shows are available at

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