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Cool of the Day-Jason Goudeau

After recording and performing with others for more than 20 years, Jason Goudeau is embarking on a recording career of his own. Jason is a tremendous musician and a highly skilled trombonist. This is his first effort at sharing one of his own musical compositions, it is meticulous and well thought out.

Born in Houston, Texas, Jason has become a fixture of the local music scene. He is a graduate of the University of Missouri, Kansas City. He, with his wife, Sandra and their 2 children have made Kansas City their home.

In 2019, Jason was featured with the Kansas City Jazz Orchestra at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts. He has recorded several songs with Marcus Lewis’s ground-breaking big band. Jason was featured at the 2021 Jazz Education Network (JEN) convention with Marcus in safely distanced videos.

A man of deep faith, Jason says this recording, “shows the joy of walking in sweet communion with the Creator, it’s a smooth sound to place you in a relaxed state of calm reflection.” He invites the listener to find a place of renewed strength and joy as they too, walk with the Creator in the Cool of the Day.

Over the past several years, Jason Goudeau has led small groups, mainly featured on Monday nights at the Blue Room and trying his hand at playing a few area nightclubs as a band leader.

His first release, Cool of the Day is a comfortable groove that has a pleasing sound made mostly of a beautiful chorus of trombones. As the groove builds, Jason breaks out in a well-executed solo and then he brings the piece back to the ground with the finesse of an experienced pilot, skillfully bringing the musical flight in for a smooth landing.

Cool of the Day was written by Jason Goudeau and it is the beginning of an original album project. It features Ronald Brian-Clay on guitar. The music was mixed and mastered at Airborne Audio by Isaac Moreno and produced by Donnell Philips. The cover was designed by Philip Goudeau for Studio Phish, LLC.

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