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Bingo Benefits KC Jazz Ambassadors Musicians Assistance Fund June 15 at Hamburger Mary's

Stanburger Larry

On Wednesday, June 15—for one night only—Hamburger Mary’s at 37th and Broadway in the

Uptown Theatre building becomes Hamburger Mary Lou Williams to benefit the KC Jazz Ambassadors. The fun starts at 7pm and features Hamburger Mary’s great food and drink plus their celebrated HamBINGO party.

Proceeds from the sale of bingo cards benefit the Musicians Assistance Fund.

“I may be a vegetarian, but I support the Musicians Assistance Fund and this HamBINGO benefit,” noted trumpeter Stan Kessler, pictured here chomping on a sandwich not nearly as good as the ones they serve up at Hamburger Mary’s.

Besides enjoying the burgers and full bar service on June 15, partygoers will be playing bingo. Proceeds from the bingo cards go directly into the Jazz Ambassador’s popular Musicians Assistance Fund, which distributed over $16,000 to local musicians during the Covid public health crisis that closed all the nightclubs in 2020 and 2021.

Bingo prize winners will receive KC Jazz Ambassador tee shirts, commemorative jazz posters,

CDs by local jazz artists and other cool merch.


Mary Lou Williams Night at HamBINGO, June 15 at 7pm Hamburger Mary’s 816-842-1919

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