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Adam Larson: Driven, With Love

It is admirable to meet a musician as focused and hard-working as saxophonist Adam Larson. His vision of releasing 3 major label albums for Outside In Music in only a year’s time is practically unheard of these days.

“Adam Larson is one of the most hard-working and incisive tenor saxophonists of his generation. Adam's dedication to the craft and the music is unparalleled. His most recent trio of releases highlights his expansive improvisational acumen bringing to light his many influences from his roots in Chicago, development in New York, and current base of Kansas City.” —Nick Finzer, Founder CEO Outside In Music

As 2022 comes to an end Larson is busy but sitting in the easy chair as far as the recording project is concerned. “Two albums have been released and the New York City trio album, ‘With Love, From New York City’, is scheduled to be released in April of 2023,” said Larson, “This album features bassist Matt Clohesy and drummer Obed Calvaire.”

The New York trio has planned a brief tour for April 19th through 23rd, of 2023 in support of the third album in Larson’s trilogy. Appearances so-far include The Jewell in Omaha, Rudy's Jazz Room in Nashville, The Green Room, and Salem United Methodist Church in St. Louis.

Here’s a look at how Larson’s “With Love, From Kansas City” was supported:

The 2022 Fall Tour

9/1- Smalls Jazz Club, New York City, NY *

9/2- The Ship, KC, MO ^

9/3- The Jewell, Omaha, NE ^

9/6- Paschal High School, Fort Worth, TX #

9/6- Grayson College, Denison, TX #

9/7- University of North Texas, Denton, TX #

9/7- Collin College, Plano, TX #

9/8- University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS #

9/9- Friends University, Wichita, KS #

9/10- Prairie Village Jazz Festival, Prairie VIllage, KS ^

9/11- Salem United Methodist Church, St. Louis, MO #

9/12- Webster University, Webster Groves, MO #

9/12- Webster Groves High School, Webster Groves, MO #

9/13- Chaminade Preparatory School, St. Louis, MO #

9/14- Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, IL +

9/14- The Dark Room, St. Louis, MO +

9/15- The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH +

9/16- Marietta College, Marietta, OH +

9/17- Rudy's Jazz Room, Nashville, TN +

9/18- Base 249, Lexington, KY +

9/28- University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond, OK %

9/29- University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, IA #

9/30- Drake University, Des Moines, IA #

9/30- Noce, Des Moines, IA #

10/1- The Blue Room, KC, MO

* = Martin Nevin on bass

^ = Ben Leifer on bass

# = Clark Sommers on bass

+ = Bob Deboo on bass

% = DeAndre Manning on bass

The ever-ready drummer, John Kizilarmut was on every single performance and event of the fall tour. Kansas City venue owner, Tom Ptacek, of Westport Coffeehouse Theater has booked Larson for an ongoing Sunday night jam session (travel schedule allowing) and Tom is well-aware of Larson’s energy as a promoter and as a musician:

“Adam Larson has helped put me in contact with young emerging jazz artists in the Kansas City area that wanted to perform in a venue where jazz is in the foreground and creativity and originality is encouraged. It is amazing the talent and professionalism that Kansas City has to offer. Come to a performance and see and hear some great music in a venue where new music and new approaches to classics is encouraged.” —Tom Ptacek, Westport Coffeehouse Theater

Adam Larson is a real asset to the music scene in Kansas City. However, between his touring schedule (above), teaching, and family responsibilities, Larson says, “It would be great to talk a little bit about my departure from the jazz department at UMKC.” To clear up what seems to be a bit of ambiguity around the circumstances. “It simply made more sense,” said Larson, “for me to transition into my current role.”

Adam Larson is currently teaching online classes in Arts Entrepreneurship. This is in conjunction with the Conservatory and the Bloch School of Business, both at UMKC. Knowing that Larson functions as his own manager and the band’s booking agent well, it makes sense that he has been named a faculty advisor to a student entrepreneurship group called Emerging Arts Entrepreneurs (EAE).

Here's Adam Larson in action:

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